Legal Online Poker For New Jersey Residents

New Jersey is home to Atlantic City, the American gambling Mecca of the East Coast. Because of New Jersey's close relationship with gambling (that began in the 70s with the introduction of casinos to Atlantic City), online poker in that state has always been seen as a more stable project.

The U.S. Department of Justice made a ruling in December of 2011 that leaves the doors wide open for all sorts of online gambling options in America. All it took was a simple legal opinion for the federal government to do away with decades of anti-gambling rhetoric. It came on Dec. 23, 2011, and many in New Jersey are excited about the possibility of legal online poker provided for by state and federal law. Some experts think the poker industry in America is worth several billion dollars, with a big chunk of that revenue coming from parts of the country that are already gaming-friendly, such as New Jersey.

Is Online Poker Legal In New Jersey?


In case you haven't heard, recently the federal government has come out and said they don't plan to use the Wire Act to prosecute Americans who play online poker. Since federal law was the only law of interest to online poker-playing citizens of New Jersey, there aren't any laws now that prevent Texans from enjoying online poker at the online poker rooms currently accepting American cash wagers.

There is still the UIGEA to be dealt with. That law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, was an attempt by the US government to control the way online gamblers added money to their gambling accounts. Poker players in New Jersey are affected by this act, but all it does is change the way they move cash into their online poker account. The UIGEA makes it illegal for American banks to do business with known online gambling sites. Still, the online poker rooms that accept wagers from people in New Jersey have a way to do business. They simply use alternative cash deposit methods and avoid the banks entirely.

Legal Online Poker Sites For New Jersey Residents

Some poker sites still accept American wagers. For residents of New Jersey, we recommend the following poker sites: Intertops, Bovada Poker, and BetOnline.

SportsBetting Poker - Big Deposit Bonuses Up To $900 For NJ Residents

When you are looking for a serious poker game with serious stakes but are unable to make it to the local card room, there is one certain place which exists 24/7 which can be accessed from the comfort of our own home. has been operating since 2004 with exemplary service and high-tech features granting users round the clock poker playing action either on their site or through the seamless mobile interface. With daily free rolls and over $250,000 is weekly guaranteed tournaments, residents of New Jersey are sure to feel at home at this online poker room. Users can take advantage of a number of daily perks which the site often updates and adds incentives to such as their 4-of-a-kind challenge which grants members a $40 bonus each and every time they sport the lucky cards in a game. SportsBetting is a no brainer and the go-to site for online poker. See why millions of users are throwing chips into the pot.

BetOnline Poker - Fast Withdrawals + Payouts For New Jersey Players

There are many residents of New Jersey who are no stranger to a poker game and playing a hand online is no strange event to them. Out of the many online poker options that exist, there are a few which stand out as superior card game destinations. BetOnline is one of those highly regarded destinations with a fantastically designed page and high-end gameplay. Having been in in the online poker community for over a decade, BetOnline has asserted themselves as one of the best through excellent customer service and safe, secure deposit and payout methods which are prompt and simple. The easy to navigate site can even be accessed on the go through their mobile interface so that users will never miss a winning hand. This online poker room isn’t shy about sharing its wealth either. BetOnline grants all new members a 200% to their initial deposits which can be worth up to $1K in cash good for throwing in the pot right away. Locals of the Garden State know that they’ve been dealt a good hand when playing their favorite card game at BetOnline.

5Dimes Poker - All New Jersey Residents Currently Accepted At 5 Dimes Poker

Aside from fabulous free rolls, state of the art gameplay and generous weekly tournaments, 5Dimes has some of the top poker players from the United States stalking its tables. Boasting two main rooms, The Grand Poker Room and The Shark Tank, players can engage others in any form of poker imaginable while taking advantage of serious incentives for serious players. 5Dimes remains popular with the elite players of the world because of their gentle nature with winnings and accounts, largely leaving them untouched through monthly free withdrawals and a generous 27% rebate program where users are gifted back rake and tournament fees each and every Wednesday. Signing up only takes moments and sharpening your poker skills against the best players in the country is only another moment away beyond that.

What About Bovada? Does Bovada Accept NJ Residents? Is Bovada Legal In New Jersey?

We know that all players want to play at Bovada Poker, but that is not an option if you live in NJ. The bottom line is that Bovada chooses not to accept NJ residents because they have to many issues paying players that live there. It has nothing to do with whether or not they are legal because they are an offshore poker site and they do not have to follow US laws. Either way you can not play there and that is really all that matters.

New Jersey Online Poker Laws

According to the New York Times, New Jersey collected $2.6 billion in 2011 from lottery tickets. New Jersey is obviously primed for online poker action. A gambling hungry state looking for new revenue sources, expect New Jersey to be one of the first adopters of statewide law making online poker legal under certain conditions. The talk in New Jersey right now isn't about how to make online poker less accessible, but more. There are rumors of a collaboration with New York to make poker wagers across both states feed into the same system, creating a massive market worth a billion dollars according to some industry estimates.

Yes, the UIGEA is still in effect. That act makes certain kinds of bank transactions to online gaming sites illegal. But casinos that cater to New Jersey residents get around that by making third-party payment processors available to their customers.

Since Atlantic City (and other local casino properties) competes with online poker sites for business with New Jersey's poker players, citizens of New Jersey have multiple options when it comes to poker play. That competition is great for players and the industry alike, and any new projects involving increased competition among poker sites will ultimately make the online poker scene better for all involved.


Is it Legal to Play Land Based Poker in New Jersey?

Many die-hard fans of poker flock to New Jersey specifically for the great poker culture.  As home to one of the nation’s great gambling towns in Atlantic City, New Jersey has since become a haven for residents and non-residents alike who pay a visit just to take in some of the grander casinos that can be found east of the Mississippi river.

If a resident needs a clear image of the legal status of poker in New Jersey, imagine the legal status of alcohol in most other states.  Just as it is legal for of-age US citizens to drink alcohol, it is legal for them to also play poker.  When it comes to selling alcohol for profit, or hosting a poker game for profit, a business needs to ensure that they receive all the proper permits and authorization from the state to stay within their legal rights while making a profit off either of these industries that could be considered “vices.”

The next concern one may have is, since it’s legal to play poker in any of the authorized casinos in Atlantic City but illegal to host a poker game for profit, what does that mean for private home games?

The key difference between private games amongst friends for a little bit of money (which are completely legal) and operating an unlicensed poker room (which is against the law) is all in the profits.  As long as the host of a private poker game is not collecting profit, or “rake” off the poker game simply by the act of hosting it, then the game will not fall under that statutes that outlaw poker.

Where to Play Poker in New Jersey

Luckily, New Jersey is rife with options to play poker in legal facilities thanks to the bright lights of Atlantic City.  Any visit to the popular strip will bring you to the doorstep of places like Ceaser’s Casino, where poker can be played day or night.  Recreational poker players may choose to sit in tournaments for as low as $40, while more serious players can buy chips for $300 to play a game with higher stakes.

Unfortunately, if a New Jersey resident happens to live far from Atlantic City their options for playing poker in person may be stunted.  As an alternative to driving out to the boardwalk, private home games amongst friends can often be great fun for a social event, and are usually within legal rights so long as a few key rules are followed.

Namely:  the host of a poker game may not collect any profits for simply hosting a game.  Collecting profits or “rake” is the one thing that can legally separate a private poker game for betting purposes from an underground poker room, which can be broken up by law.  Furthermore, those wishing to play for serious profits may not be able to scratch that itch amongst their friends.

New Jersey may be one of the friendliest states in the union when it comes to land based poker, however, the nature of gambling in person can often be restrictive, especially compared to some other options.

Note: This is not advice about legal online poker in The United States. This advice was prepared by people with a working knowledge of online gambling legislation in America. If you have real questions about the legal aspect of playing online poker in your part of New Jersey, you should consult a lawyer.